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About us

KUL’TURA was founded in 2014 in Berlin by Ukrainian, German and Belgian artists and intellectuals. Our main goal is to introduce contemporary Ukraine abroad and, moreover, create new collaborations and intensify the existing exchange between Ukrainian and foreign artists and intellectuals.
Since 2014 KUL’TURA has organized various events, such as talks, exhibitions, concerts, screenings, and readings in Berlin, inviting musicians (e.g. Lubomyr Melnyk, modern classical pianist), Serhij Zhadan, Volomyr Rafeenko, Sofia Andrukhovych (writers), Bohdan Lohvynenko (traveler), Marysia Nikitiuk (film director), etc.
We do not limit our interest to high-brow culture, so since 2018 KUL’TURA has represented Ukraine in Karneval der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. One of the biggest European festivals, Karneval attracts more than 1.5 mln visitors each year - a great chance for Ukraine to present itself to the broad public. The motto of the Ukrainian group at the Karneval is:
Ukraine. Tradition. Innovation.

Our Projects


Creative Women Publishing

Жива зустріч у Берліні з однією із семи співзасновниць видавництва Creative Women Publishing Іриною Лісовою — щоб почути історію заснування першого українського жіночого видавництва, обійнятися і погортати книжки


Ukrainian Film from 1930 to today

To celebrate Berlin International Film Festival - Berlinale 70th edition, kul'tura and Ukrainian Film Club Berlin, in cooperation with Space Meduza bar, would like to introduce you to some best-ofs of Ukrainian film.


Ukraïner. The Movie - Berlin Premiere

«Ukraïner. The Movie» a story about the traditional and everyday life of one of the most unknown countries of Europe. The movie would tell the stories of people from different parts of Ukraine, their life and routine, crafts and art, interesting initiatives and culture. The movie, which is about places, seemingly not connected, about different worlds united by one country. In fact, the «Ukraïner. The Movie» will show one day in the life of Ukraine.


Nikita Lyskov (UA). Animated Movies Evening

Nikita Liskov is an animated movie maker from Ukraine with 10+ years of experience. He's taking part in international movie festivals, leading lectures on history of animation and running the private "Animation School" in Dnepr (UA) where he also teachs. His movie "I've Bought The Bicycle" won the Grand Prix of "Where are Movies" festival.


Європейський тур Івана Байдака. Берлін

Нова повість Івана Байдака «Чоловік з моїм іменем» розповідає про чоловіка на ім’я Родвелл Вільямс – замкнутого інтроверта та книголюба. Поховавши своїх батьків та переживши розлучення, він частіше пригадує події минулого: студентські роки, роботу в букіністичній крамниці та випадкову знахідку – біографічні рукописи невідомого автора.


RozdILovI - ein interaktives Multimedia Projekt (UA)

RozdILovI ist ein interaktives Multimedia Projekt. Seine Komponenten sind: Literatur (Serhij Zhadan, Сергій Жадан [офіційна сторінка]), Musik (Alexey Vorsoba, Tomasz Sikora), visuelle Kunst (Olia Mykhailiuk, Sergey Glow). Durch die Interaktion unterschiedlicher Elemente entstehen neue Eindrücke, neue Bedeutungen.


Ukraine VS South Korea U20 WORLD CUP FINAL

For the first time ever Ukraine's team in the World Cup FINAL. Wherever you are, come and support your team.


Читання. Гаська Шиян "За спиною" / Reading. Haska Shyyan

The book tells a story of a young successful woman, whose boyfriend unexpectedly joins the Ukrainian army to fight the Ukrainian - Russian war. Until that moment, the woman was as far from the grievances of war as you can be. So, the book offers a dazzling array of topics: “The novel tackles the issues of military and moral duty, search for the feeling of safety in the modern world, patriotism and nationalism, female sexuality, social pressure in a patriarchal society and other important social issues.” (EU Prize for Literature).

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    We would like to present Ukrainian books in Berlin to Berliners and also to Ukrainians who have fled to Berlin. Suitably for BOOKS&BEATS we have chosen the format Video Poetry. It is planned both a reading, and (if possible) a live circuit from Ukraine.

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    Literatur im Krieg

    Gemeinsam mit dem Kulturverein KUL´TURA e.V. veranstaltet der Verbund der Öffentlichen Bibliotheken Berlins (VÖBB) einen ukrainischen Nachmittag in der Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek.

    Anlass ist auch der wachsende Buchbestand mit ukrainischen Medien, die wir mit Unterstützung unserer Partner*innen direkt aus der Ukraine beschaffen.

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